1971-73 XR-7 seat upholstery availability notice

I was just informed this morning that as of January 1st Distinctive will no longer produce the 1971-73 XR-7 seat upholstery. The last date THEY will accept a PO from anyone is next Monday December 14th in order to be able to fill it prior to the cut off date. If you have been thinking about replacing yours you might want to consider this.
Sorry for the bad news.

Also consider they have a 0% chance of getting it right… Silly mistakes on every one they have made for us, each time they say oops, send it back and we will make it right. Sad… I have sent them samples many times, each time they lose them and ask for more. 10 years I have been working with them on this. TMI says they are up to the task, I sure hope so!

Let’s hope TMI picks up the ball, now that Distintive has moved their production out of the US their once fairly good product is not likely to be as good. We have also seen deliver times slip greatly.

Maybe they are trying to make a name for themselves (not in a good way)? Di-STINC-tive? :buck:

TMI makes some quality covers, I use them.