1971 Mercury Cougar Convertible 429-4V Cobra Jet Ram Air for sale

1971 Mercury Cougar Convertible 429-4V Cobra Jet Ram Air for sale $85,000
VIN#: 1F92J500048

Images visible at: 1971 Mercury Cougar Convertible | T244.1 | Kissimmee 2018

  • Extremely rare: One of 18 built
  • 429 Cobra Jet Ram Air engine
  • Ground-Up Restoration
  • Many NOS parts used
  • 4-speed manual transmission
  • Wimbledon White with white interior
  • Documentation with Deluxe Marti Report

If you have any questions, please call Tom at 402-212-5126

Why would you repaint a bright blue metallic car white?

Why didn’t it meet the reserve?

Not sure what reserve it didn’t meet, doesn’t cross the block until tomorrow…As far as why, because they could I guess

I personally think it looks better in white. I know it’s a rare Cougar but nonetheless people like making cars their own. Nothing wrong with that. I bet it will bring good money if the Mecum crew treat it right. After watching their coverage for years they give Cougars a bad time.

The registry might be out of date. Mitch Lewis lists 16 model 92 J codes and Tom’s Marti report says 18.

Model 92 - Cougar Convertible
J Code =16
6 - Trans = 16
6 - Bright Blue Poly = 8
M - White = 1
Color Unknown = 7 - 7 Early cars with incomplete data tag info but where serial numbers have been identified. All
of these cars are believed to have been promo/press cars and are believed to be bright blue metallic.
U - Trans = 0

Seems backwards that out of the 22 or 24 J code conv’s built in 71 only 4 were U tran C6 auto XR7. Wonder why Mercury did this? Is their a reason they didn’t build many auto trans with ram air in 71?