1971 New - 0 miles, 351 Cleveland Engine

Feb. 3, 2023 - I bought this engine 30 years ago to put in my 69 cougar. It is a 1971 build. It has sat in my covered garage all this time. It is brand new. Want to sell. Layton, Utah.

Max you have to post a price. It’s part of the rules for the forum. Too many scammers post ads to fish for responses.

Any reasonable offer for the engine right now.

Possibly $5000.00 or best offer plus shipping.

Thanks. Will do.

If that’s a 71 build, it would most likely need torn down and hardened seats installed for today’s decaffeinated fuel plus new moly rings to replace old cast rings. Just my opinion. Good luck with the sale.


I have decided to sell this engine for $2500.00 plus shipping. Talked to a rebuild specialist and he quoted me a rebuild of hardened seats, moly rings, valve job, and other important things that need to be done for $3300.00. So here it is. I also have a 69 eliminator in reasonable condition that I was going to put it in. It had been garaged for 40 years. It had a 3 on the floor. Interesting. I would prefer to sell both together for $5000.00.

It has a 3 on the floor still.

Do you still have the 3 speed?