1971 XR7 429 CJ 1-owner garage find!

Just picked up this 1971 xr7 429 CJ c-code from the original owner! Numbers matching engine, runs and drives. One repaint in the early 80’s, off the road and garaged since 1983. Nice interior, and it came with the original window sticker and dealer order form. It’s pretty loaded with a/c, power windows and seat, am/fm and rear defrost. C6 auto with a 3.25 traction lock. I’m planning on getting it roadworthy, cleaning it up and having some fun with it this summer! I’m in the Detroit area.

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Nice fine, and that looks really sharp and clean.

Window sticker

Cool find!

It’s very well optioned! Make sure and give us some interior pics. It’s a really nice find!

Thanks for the compliments! Here’s an interior shot.
Neal, loved your road trip story from your trip to Dearborn for the 50th… I’ve made the drive from Seattle to Detroit a few times. It’s a long one. I just wish this car was as nice as your blue 71!

What a sleeper and 100% original with no hot rod parts. I would even keep the hubcaps as is if it were mine. That will be a fun one to spruce up, congrats!

Looks very low mileage. What a great combination of condition and equipment! I would make double certain that the timing set has been replaced. The original cam gear is a piece of plastic coated pot metal. If it is still there it is going to fall apart one day and be very expensive for you afterwards. You can pull the fuel pump and look inside with a borescope to see what is in there without much work.

Nice find Jim!

Please plan to bring her down to Auburn, IN. this Summer, as we would love to see it in person: https://www.catsccc.com/2019-events

Royce, thanks for the advice on the timing chain I will definitely check it out. Don, I plan on keeping it exactly like it is wheel covers and all. I just want to get it driveable and cleaned up as best I can. It’s a Michigan car so it has some crunchy spots in the quarters but the underbody floors and roof are solid. It’s a 20 footer. Im not restoring it since I already have a 70 xr7 convertible in pieces.
Scott, I’m planning on taking it to the Auburn show this June. I may have met you at the cats tent last august at the swap meet/show at Dearborn(I had a swap meet spot the next aisle over). This is a pic of my 70.

Sounds like it fell into the right hands. What a fun car! You will never in your life park next to one like it and the beauty of the condition is you can poke at it as little or much as you like and drive it as is without worry of a rock chip.

I’ve known about this car for 8 years… it belonged to a friend of a friend. The original owner knew it was special and kept it up as best as he could. He didn’t want to sell it publicly because he was afraid someone would buy it to butcher it up or cut it up for parts. I inquired about it every once in a while until he was finally ready to let it go.
I love the fact that it is a total sleeper… nobody expects to see the 429 under the hood! It looks presentable enough to drive but it’s not nice enough to worry about the little things that can happen on the road. Interior is nice as-is. nothing is modified except for some gas station type maintenance parts under the hood. I can’t wait to get it out on the road again!
Here’s the original order form.

What Don said about not changing anything is good advice. Myself I have a hard time not making changes. A decent set of used wheels would go well on this. But it should not be messed with(much).

Side bar, my 70 428CJ standard it not going to receive a full restoration. Replace the floors, rebuild the front suspension & brakes, put a CJ in her and have fun in a ruff car.

Nice find Jim! and a neat story being a local Cougar that was sold in Roseville. look foward to seeing it in Auburn. You most likely met or CATS VP Ray Bischoff at the Dearborn swap meet. He was selling some part there.

Brian, sent you a pm.

Twins, nearly :slight_smile:
Nice score

When I first saw your post last year I thought someone had snagged my car! It took a few minutes before I realized it was rhd… Ken, I sent you a pm

WOW!!! That car is a gem! Last of a legacy! Good on you, man!

Thank you! It’s currently under restoration. I’ll post an update soon.

It was really nice meeting you yesterday Jim.I’ll have to come back when it’s finished