1972 Cougar Convertible For Sale in Delaware - SOLD


I would like to know which 351 this cougar has. I am in ND and I am interested in the cougar. Thanks
Debb Weninger. You can reach me @ 701-872-3192

I looks like the standard 351 Cleveland 2V. The 351M was never factory in a 72 Cougar.

I am very interested and my husband and I would like to visit with you. Could we set up a time to talk? We would really appreciate it. Thanks

I am very interested in this car my husband and I would like to talk to you. Could we set up a time to visit. Thanks Debb

Sorry, I’ve been off the site for a while. The car is in the garage at my summer home in Delaware, while I’m at my main home in Virginia for the winter. We are getting our COVID vaccines in early February and likely won’t be back to Delaware until early April. I keep a battery maintainer connected so it will fire right up in the spring. It is stored in the winter with the top up so it is stretched out to keep it from deteriorating. Unless it rains, the top stays down all summer though.

As answered by another poster, it is the standard 351 Cleveland 2V with a 3-speed automatic. It is a survivor/driver, not a restored car, and is not perfect. We’ve been driving it at the beach since 2011 and it has to pass Delaware state inspection, including an emissions test every two years. It is up for re-registration and inspection this March. The engine is original except for a rebuilt carburetor, and the ignition coil was replaced when the electronic ignition was added. There is a Holley Sniper bolt-on fuel injection system for around $1,000 I was considering adding if I kept the car. With that and the electronic ignition, it would drive like a new car.

The power top works perfect and the top, which appears to be original, is in excellent condition. It has a glass window in it that has a sticker on it from a military base in Indiana, dated 1978. The interior has some flaws but nothing major. It was repainted in the original color probably 12 to 20 years ago. Definitely not a high-end expensive paint job, but the car still pops and gets lots of attention wherever we go. Last summer a couple follow me to the local hardware store in Fenwick Island just to find out what make and model car it was.

Being a 1972 model, it has hardened valve seats so regular unleaded gas is fine. I treat it to mid grade and always add Sta-Bil 360 to protect against Ethanol gumming up the fuel system. It also has front power disc brakes so it stops better than classic cars with older style drum brakes. The power steering works like new, no squealing or resistance at all. The water pump and hoses were replaced 3 years ago so no worries there.

I’ll be back in Delaware soon, so if anyone is interested …

The person who previously inquired never came back to the site and didn’t respond to a PM I sent.

Bumping this to the top. Car is still available and still being driven whenever I’m in Delaware.

How much?

Thank you

Price is $13,500 as listed in the original post.

Cougar is back in the garage for the winter. :wave: :beerchug:

Be back in Delaware soon. I have an offer for $13,000 but he hasn’t actually seen the car and we haven’t gotten together yet to finalize anything. So … :pray: :think: :wall:

PM responded to.

Going to Delaware tomorrow and staying until April 27.