1972 Cougar XR7 Convertible for sale as parts car Alexandria, Virginia

This is a complete car, with significant rust damage. Some trim has been removed and stored in the trunk. Engine 351 Cleveland, automatic transmission. Not in running condition.
Original colors dark green/metallic with “Tobacco” interior. Padded dash is NOS replacement in good condition. Back seat original. Front seat, originally leather, now recovered, but kept the Cougar logo pieces. Door panels curled and brittle. Center console on fair condition. Instrument cluster in good condition. Will come with extra NOS parts, scavenged parts. I saved everything that came off this car.
Location: Alexandria, Virginia.
Contact Jay Bruder, cell 703-447-8973
Asking $1,000.

Damn what a shame. That car would be nice all done up if it wasnt so badly rusted. Would like to see someone save it…