1972 XR7 stalls out when driving

I recently had my 1972 mercury cougar xr7 repaired. Took it to the mechanic to replace the convertible top switch (that the previous mechanic broke). Got it back and 1) the speedometer now doesn’t work and 2) it ran fine the day I got it back, the next morning it ran fine for about 10 minutes then just completely slowed to a crawl and then died in traffic, managed to pump the gas basically until I could get it pulled over, then couldn’t get it started at all. Had to have it towed home. Anyone got an idea on what that could remotely be causing it??
It has been so hard to find anyone that is able to work on it. Would like to be able to drive it again soon!!

What were the symptoms when it died? When you couldnt start it again did it turn over strong and wouldnt fire? Would it fire up and just not stay running? You’re a new member so tell us a bit about what you are running too. All stock or any replacement parts?

It’s mostly all stock but there have been some replacement parts although those were mostly from west coast cougar. The carb has been rebuilt
It would fire up at first and then not stay running.then it would just not fire up at all. Running fine but after about 15 min it just seemed to lose any power trying to go then just eventually stopped.

Are you getting fuel? Almsit seems like your fuel pump could have gone

Sounds like fuel pump or possibly fuel filter. Look down the carb throat and pump the throttle if yuo don’t see two strong streams of gas from the accelerator pump it means that you have fuel starvation… no gas.

Also add your location to your signature or member details. It is always helpful to add details about your car or cars in your signature. That way people will give you much better advice based on what you are driving.

If you don’t have a fuel supply issue the next thing I would check is the Tach…It just struck me odd that after repair shop the speedo stopped working. Just a thought

Thanks everyone. I will check on the fuel pump etc

'72 Mercury Cougar xr7
North Carolina

Also go to some car shows, cruise nites and talk to owners, ask around who helps them with their cars. You will get lots of help from the people here, but I would also invest in a shop manual, it will pretty much tell you how almost everything goes together (except wiring schematic) or comes apart. Keep us posted