1973 Mercury cougar xr7 351 Cleveland engine

Hi all
I have a 351 Cleveland with EGR spacer and a motorcraft 2100 2 barrel carburetor. I was wondering if anyone put a Holley 2 barrel carburetor on their 351 Cleveland engine and what did you do for a spacer and did you change the intake manifold. I want to delete yhe egr spacer that has a vacuum leak I have changed the gasket and even put a high temp gasket sealant if any can help me I would appreciate it. I had
this car for 44 years! Thank you

Apples to oranges for me, but just my .02 I have a 73 factory 4 barrel and went with a Holley and an Edelbrock manifold. One of the best moves for me. I suggest you match the carb and manifold, spread bore/squarebore.


I think you will find the Holley will fit, that is the studs in the manifold will fit the Holley carburettor, but the barrels of the Holley don’t line up with the barrels in the manifold ???

Seems a lot of people do it, I really don’t know how much the misalignment of the barrels has on engine effect.

Peter :thinking:

The 2100 is one of the best 2v carbs ever made. Personally, I would swap a 2100 in place of a Holley. Why not keep the 2100 without the EGR?