1973 trunk rubber

can someone tell or show me the correct way to install new trunk seal and should it be glued I did not remove it so have no clue thanks

I used this adhesive.

Amazon.com: Permatex 80638 Super Weatherstrip Adhesive, 2 oz., Yellow : Automotive

This weatherstrip.

Weatherstrip Seal - Rear Deck / Trunk Lid - Repro ~ 1971 - 1973 Mercury Cougar / 1971 - 1973 Ford Mustang ( 1971 Mercury Cougar, 1972 Mercury Cougar, 1973 Mercury Cougar, 1971 Ford Mustang, 1972 Ford Mustang, 1973 Ford Mustang ) at West Coast Classic Cougar :: The Definitive 1967 - 1973 Mercury Cougar Parts Source (cougarpartscatalog.com)

There are several videos on youtube.

How to Install a Car Trunk Weatherstrip (youtube.com)

Make sure to clean the surface before applying the glue. Wear some gloves because the glue will get on your hands. It’s fairly simple but don’t rush it. I did have some trouble closing the trunk but after some time and parking the car in the sun the new rubber compressed and made it easier to close.

mine goes on the body not the deck lid it has a channel to fit in but I don’t know which side goes where and do i need glue

The 71-73 trunk weatherstripping requires adhesive, I prefer the 3M Black Weatherstrip Adhesive.

The large “flange” on the weathesrtrip faces outward, overlapping the surrounding sheetmetal. Leave a 1/16" gap at the center bottom to allow air to escape, do not glue the ends together.

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thanks sorry for just replying i have been under the weather