1o68 Front drum brake swap

I have 1967 Cougar with manual drum brakes all around. It has always stopped alright, but thought maybe I would atleast put front disc brakes on for increased stopping. I’m a purist and I have a complete front 1967 Kelsey Hayes disc brake assembies that have been on the shelf. I thought about just rebuilding those. Would I need to change the master cylinder and install another proportioning valve? Just curious on thoughts and best direction to go. I don’t want Granada, aftermarket Chevy, or some other brakes that wouldn’t have come on the car in 1967.

The factory shop manual answers all these questions. You need to get a copy. You will need different plumbing, a proportioning valve, and a different master cylinder. If you don’t have power drum brakes you will need a power booster as well. If you install a booster you will need a different brake pedal and support also.