1st Gen Cougar Fastback Project

Greg Zuch, who did all of the structural conversion work on CatVert, apparently hasn’t had enough of Cougar conversions. His wife texted me last night with a set of quickie pictures of his latest project:

Knowing Greg, I have every reason to believe this one will be finished and shown.

It takes a lot of skill to do conversions and get it right. I appreciate the work, but am kind of on the fence on how it looks. Still, if it’s a good clean job, it would definitely be unique. Kind of a prototype vibe.

I always wanted to do a fastback Cougar, but that quarter window just doesn’t look right with that top, but lets wait and see.

As you might figure out I like the idea… just not with a Mustang roof.

I like the look of keeping the rear Cougar quarter window. The vent looks busy now because there are no louvers in place. It might look much better when the vent louvers are in place. I like this Photoshop of a Cougar fastback.


Now THAT I like. I agree about the quarter window thing. Or maybe at least have it follow the window line instead of inverse.

I’m sure this project will look awesome when done, but to me, I think the Cougar is just a bit too long in the tail for the full fastback treatment. I’d go with something more like the 65-66 Mustangs. With apologies to whoever owns this pic, I took the liberty of a crude adjustment to show what I mean (I cut about 2-3 inches out of the roof).

Nice!! It’s about time… I know some others have been started, but I’ve yet to see one actually finished. Looking forward to updates.

My personal favorite rendering of a 1st gen fastback is the one in Cougars_r_Grrr8’s avatar.

And if ever I have the money I’ll contact Kaucher and make a few tweaks on that rendering… but it’s close.

Hay Calvert,
Did you ask for some update photos for the fastback cougar from your body man ??

I thought about this conversion a whole back. I wonder what’s the status of the project .

Thought I saw it listed for sale somewhere…??? Maybe one of the FB pages…