2023 Cougar gatherings/shows

Anyone know of Cougar specific car shows in the Midwest for 2023? I know about the Mercury Nationals in Tulsa and Maryland in October.

There will be a Cougar show in Minneapolis in Mid June. Search Minnesota Mercury Cougar Club on Facebook.

Thanks! I’ll check it out. Do you have any idea the car count?

Pretty light in 2022 due rainy weather but still fun.

Thanks. I’ve had trouble finding information on the 2023 event.

There also is the Cougar gathering at the Carlisle Ford Nationals first weekend in June. We average about 50 Cougars depending on the weather. It is cohosted by a gaggle of east coast clubs - the Delmarva Cougar Club, the Cougar Club of NJ/PA, the Mercury Cougar Club of New England and the New York Classic Cougar Club.

Thanks! Was hoping to do Carlisle, but I have family obligations that weekend