2023 Mecum Kissimmee

My wife and I went to Mecum today and we saw 4 Cougar’s that will be crossing the auction block.

The Car Craft Super Cat (That car is gorgeous)
A 1969 Medium Blue M Code Convertible with white top and Interior
A Grabber Blue 70 Eliminator 428CJ that was stunning
The Medium Green 69 XR-7 Convertible with a 428CJ (Brother’s Collection)

I have pics of all of them that I will add when I download them.

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Here are some pics
69 Cougar Vert M Code Pic1
69 Cougar Vert M Code Pic2
69 Cougar Vert M Code Pic3
69 Cougar Vert M Code Pic4

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70 Grabber Blue CJ Eliminator Pic1
70 Grabber Blue CJ Eliminator Pic2
70 Grabber Blue CJ Eliminator Pic3

70 Grabber Blue CJ Eliminator Pic6

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Super Cat Pic2
Super Cat Pic3
Super Cat Pic6
Super Cat Pic11
Super Cat Pic12

Nice car. Been to at least one other Mecum auction. Reserve not met on that one.

Going there Friday, excited to see the Cougars. Will be looking over the Eliminator, from what I see, not impressed, no taillight protectors? black driveshaft? Mine will be at Indy sale. Get out of this Iowa cold, and look 4000 beautiful cars, no brainer!

You will not be disappointed with the cars here. I counted one consigner has 14 Superbirds/Daytonas for sale. Some of the collectiions are absolutely stunning.

The weather being in the 70’s doesn’t hurt either!!


Thank for the report and the pics Ken!

Looks like fun!!

  • Phillip

Thanks Phillip. It was a great time.

The CJ Convertible SOLD today for $80K, I think.

The 351 Convertible SOLD today for $65K

Disappointed in the’69 Convertible with the 351. The crooked rear bumper annoyed me along with the fiberglas ram air cleaner.

What is the black thing they take from under the hood of every car and toss to the side?

It is like a bean bag that they use to keep the hood from latching. They put it on at the last stop before it enters the block. Then they take it off when they open the hood on the block.

F153 Super Cat was bid to $150,000 with reserve not met. Auctioneer said we’re on the wrong side of 2, which would imply a reserve in excess of $200,000.


S58 0F91Q507482 1970 Comp Blue CJ Hammered sold at $160,000 to a buyer in the room. $176,000 with the juice for the buyer.

thanks for sharing !

Wow those look good. Never made it to a Mecum myself but may have to in the near future.