289 intake manifold help.

'67 289 with 2 barrel

Car sat a long time.
Found 2 stuck lifters had pushed the pressed rocker studs out a bit.
Fixed the studs and installed new lifters and pushrods
Engine is now quiet. Runs smooth but now I now have a good coolant leak into the oil. I’m guessing water jackets leaking around gasket.
Used edelbrock gaskets with bead side up.
Slight amount of Indian tack to hold gasket in place. No RTV used on head side.
Places gaskets
Use small amount RTV around water ports on intake side. Used permatex ultra black
1/4" bead RTV on ends.
Torqued in sequence and to specs.
Any thoughts on what I missed or could do different ?
Mating surfaces very clean. Small wire wheel on drill then scotch brite. Lastly wiped down with laquar thinner
Should I use RTV around water ports on both sides of gasket?
Ordered new gaskets today. This time fel pro
Thanks for any help offered.

Here is pic of gasket used.
I didn’t use any of the small pieces shown in the picture. Not needed right?

There are several different water port setups through the years on small block fords. The one you’ have looks more like a 351W setup. I think the 289 water ports are narrower and don’t have a bolt hole through them (someone correct me if I’m wrong). There are 3 or 4 different configurations, so it’s easy to get the wrong one. The ones I used looked a lot like the ones you have, but I’ve got '69 351W heads on mine (along with a Performer 289 intake). The engine rebuild kit I originally used had several different styles in them and that was the one that matched up the best. Some list the port sizes to differentiate between different configurations.

…and the procedure you used sounds like it should be fine.

I pulled the manifold today.
I used permatex ultra black that never set up completely. Was 2 years old so must have been the problem. Forgot to pick some up new RTV so used it. Got burned

Make sure that you re - torque the intake after the first time it gets hot. Otherwise it will leak again.

As noted above, the pictured gaskets are for a 351W. Bigger port openings, and different water passage shape. They’re similar enough that you still might get them to seal, but you’d almost certainly be better off with actual 289 style gaskets.

Ok. Thanks. Summit speced then for 289.

Summit, unfortunately, isn’t always a reliable source of information when it comes to old Ford products. Something like this would work better for you: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/fel-ms901031