3 point seat belt options

Is there a 3 point seat belt that works well in a 68 cougar?
Want it to be retractable , I am in the Dallas area so there are many salvage yards and i am sure i can find about any used car being parted out.


I just picked up a 70, and in my line of work…I cant oversell the idea of a three-point belt. But after watching Don’s video on belts, there doesn’t seem to be too much in the way of modern, retracting three-pointers for our cars. Plenty of options for restoring old original ones or repro ones, though.


There are plenty of options to retrofit 3 point retractable belts to our cars. Google for 69 mustang retractable seat belts.

Here’s something similar to what I put in my 69. https://www.cjponyparts.com/seat-belt-3-point-retractable-with-push-button-front-pair-coupe-1968-1973-fastback-1965-1973/p/SBR7-V/

Also look at Wescoperformance.com - I think I got mine there.it’s been a while.

Just installed 3 point belts front and rear on my 68:

I had the mustang site many people used the Wesco 3point belt with a sash. Looks like a good option for new .
I’m still hoping to find a used option.

The ones I installed in my 68 XR-7 fun driver car are the repros by Scott Drake. What I like about these ones is that they have a stock looking buckling system, thereby avoiding the ones that look like almost every GM seatbelt out there. Here’s a link.

I really like those, Scott. I’ve currently got my interior apart and seats out. Seems that if these look more stock than most, and accomplish the safety…now would be the easiest time to do it. Do you have any additional thoughts the installation, comfort, ease of use, etc. on those Scott Drakes? Recommended?

So, I like these because they resemble the stock originals pretty closely. I originally mounted them very closely to how you would imagine that they would have been installed if it was something original. With the retractor and end to the original mount beside the seat with the belt and upper mount hooked to the location where the the original upper belt was mounted. However I found that there wasn’t enough belt to go around a large person with the seat slid back and the occupant leaning forward. So I changed things around mounting the retractor to the upper mount and the end to the lower mount, where the factory retractor mounts. This gives lots of belt (too much belt with the retractor not being able to take retract all the belt).
I saw a Mustang in the summer where the owner mounted the retractor behind the interior panel below the rear quarter window. This is the next mounting location that I am going to try out when I get some time to take it apart again.
The Scott Drake kit comes with extra fasteners to change up mounting locations, which is helpful.
I tried to be somewhat clear, but I don’t think I have been very successful here.
Good luck with it.

I really wish I tested some of these options before I installed the headliner. I have the original belts for my car which appear to include shoulder belts but the holes in the roof were not tapped so it was unclear if it ever had shoulder belts or not. I didn’t plan to run shoulder belts but kinda changing my mind on that with some of these ideas bouncing around. The original location in the roof appears to be pretty uncomfortable and not really a good place for retractor belts.

What would be cool is a seat with a retractor built in. What comes to mind are the 2004 era f250 super cabs. I think s95 mustang convertibles might have done something similar too. I have seen mustangs with the mount below the window line just behind the seat. Would be interested in how that location would work out.

So if I understand correctly, the short static piece replaces the female-side buckle that sits between the console (if equipped) and the seat. The retractor directly replaces the existing retractor bolted on the outboard side of the seat. The belt goes up from the retractor to a guide that is mounted where the old shoulder harness was bolted in near the top of the quarter-window. The male-side buckle sits forward of that guide, and as that buckle is pulled across the person’s body to the female-side buckle, it forms the 3-point lap/shoulder restraint. Is that about right?

If my understanding is correct, how does the shoulder belt sit when you’re clicked in? Does it sit across your shoulder like it should, or uncomfortably ride up on your neck? I go about 6’1/225 and I have the seat all the way back on the rails. If you have any photos of the installation and maybe how they look in use, I’d appreciate them.


These I like because of the long sash puts the belt lower but still uses the stock upper location.

Here’s the picture of the product from their website.

I originally attached the retractor and the other lower bracket, with the bottom of the belt webbing sewn-in, to the original retractor belt location, with the belt guide mounted into the factory upper belt location. I found this too short for my seating and larger size.
Here’s a not-so-great picture for your reference.
Resize of Resize of IMG_0776.JPG
I decided to mount it differently to get more belt and comfort, so I took it apart and removed the belt guide completely from the new 3 point system, put it back together and mounted the lower bracket to where the original retractor belt was located and mounted the retractor to the original factory upper belt location. This works pretty well except that there is now too much belt for the retractor when the belt is not in use.

As I mentioned before I saw a Mustang with a 3 point system where he had the other lower bracket, with the bottom of the belt webbing sewn-in, to the original retractor belt location, with the belt guide mounted into the factory upper belt location, and the retractor mounted behind the quarter window interior panel. This looked like the best way to be comfortable with enough belting for a large person and that the belt would retract easily out of the way.

This 3 point system works pretty well and is pretty comfortable for me, however my smaller better half has not figured out how to make it comfortable for her. Maybe when I change up the install to the third example (seen on a Mustang) it will be much better for her.

Good luck.