3 wires under hood not connected to anything

When I posted a request for help with the under dash wiring on my '70 Cougar Eliminator, you folks were very helpful. I am still stuck in what seems like wiring “purgatory” but now under the hood. Fixed several wires under the hood, but there are 3 wires that come out of the firewall in the center harness (right behind the engine, but just below the cowl/firewall seam) that are not connected to anything.

1st wire is blue with a red stripe and it has been cut–no connector at all. Could this wire go to an under hood light or where?? It seems like blue with red stripe wires usually go to some type of a light.

2nd wire is also blue with a red stripe, but it has a black cylindrical connector which is about 1" long and maybe 1/4" diameter connected to the end of this wire. Is this wire used on an Eliminator, and if so, to what does it connect?

3rd wire is either gray or green and it also has the black cylindrical connector which is about 1" long and maybe 1/4" diameter connected to the end of it.
Is this wire used on an Eliminator, and if so, to what does it connect?

I probably need to mention that both of the black cylindrical connectors appear to be “mashed” or maybe melted on the end that is not attached to the wire.

Then there is a light green wire in the trunk that is cut, but I want to finish under the hood first if possible. Thank you for your help. I do need help soon if possible. :pray:

Do you have one of these ? Invaluable when working on these cats


Yes, I do have that free download and the printed copy, but I do not see the 3 wires in question on any of the pages. Maybe they are there somewhere, but I have looked at all of the pages multiple times and not seen them so far.

What is the connector shaped like? A square 4 plug in that location is typically for the auto trans backup lamp and neutral safety. I seem to recall that cut wire color as being related to the neutral safety circuit. A flat 3 plug is typically your coil and gauge feed. One of those wires is usually white / red. The single bullet plug is typically your AC compressor feed.

Hmm… pictures will help greatly :wink:

I looked for pics of the area in my files. Not sure if these will help or not, but it is a place to start…

This is from my own Eliminator. I do not have an underhood light.

One more…

The green wire with the black cylindrical connector should be for the the a/c compressor
The grey/blue wire with what should be a white connector, should be for the a/c throttle solenoid on the 428

The replies to my first reply are very helpful; THANK YOU!!

There seems to be agreement that the green wire with the black cylindrical connector is for the A/C compressor. Since I have not yet installed the new
A/C compressor yet, that would make sense. The second photo from the top does show the black cylindrical connector that I have been wondering about, and also what appears to be the white cylindrical connector in that same photo. The white connector has the blue with red stripe wire is the one for the throttle solenoid on a 428CJ, but is that also true for the 351C? My car has the “Distributor Modulator System” (or “Dist-o-vac” system) on it, so I am wondering if this distributor system has a throttle solenoid or not?

The information on the Dist-o-vac system from West Coast Classic Cougars mentions a Thermal switch, Ford part # D0AF-12A164-B, which is only available used. Does anyone know where the Thermal switch is installed and where it connects to the wiring harness? (This a NEW question.)

There is still the other blue with red stripe wire that is right next to the other 2 wires but it is cut. I do not see that wire in any of the above photos.

The three wire plug for the engine feed has all 3 wires (none are blue with a red stripe) and the auto tranny 4 wire square plug appears to have all of the proper wires connected to it and is hooked up to the wire feed from the tranny.

The last response was very strange and answered none of my questions. Still hoping to see responses to my post yesterday, 5-25-17. Thanks!

Mounted in the drivers side door jamb.
I suspect there is a flat two wire connector in the area, probably with one white and one black wire.

Indeed! That post has to something to do with your post where you shortened the word transmission. You have now officially been indoctrinated… :buck:

There are three single wires, each ending up in a large female bullet. The one with white molding (bluish wire) is for the carb anti-backfire solenoid. Black with a green wire is the AC clutch, and black with blue/red is for a PRNDL lamp, if you have an automagic transmission. It’s still there if you have a manual transmission (want to avoid the other term for transmission, otherwise one gets a photo response as per above).

There was another pic for repeat “offenders”. It’s gone now.

The last response from Midlife is very helpful. I figured out that the blue with red stripe wire under the hood connects to that color of wire that goes to the neutral safety switch after I found that a 1972 automatic neutral safety switch (that ALSO had all wires cut under the transmission tunnel & other problems) had been stuck in my car for whatever reason. Fortunately, there was a fully intact neutral safety switch for 1970 In my stash of old automatic shifters. THANKS!

That’s great!

So any other wiring questions still “hanging”? Or did we get them all sorted out, so far?

Woohoo! You mean I got one right? Dang…I’m on a roll now! G

The diagram set doesn’t list the wiring for the throttle position solenoid

… but at least I found the selector light wire wedged between the C6 and the firewall

You just made my day!