351w and toploader 4 speed flexplate

So I am doing a Toploader 4 speed and a 351w swap in my 68 cougar. But i do not know what flexplate to put in it. Any suggestions?

A flexplate is only used with an automatic transmission. You need a steel flywheel. Any place that sells flywheels will have the correct one - Jegs, Summit, David Kee - many other places.

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There is more to it than that
You need a 57 or 64 tooth flywhell based on the bellhousing you are using and ot needs to be a 28 oz imbalance factor…I have talked to many people that bolt evwrything together…than the engine wont crank. Or they cant figure why the bellhousing will not fit

To be clear for posterity, the tooth count is 157 and 164 on flywheels. 164 tooth flywheel is correct starting in 1968 on 302 engines. I believe that 157 was still being used with 289 engines in 1968.

157 tooth was also used on the 1969 351W. No difference from 1967 - 69 on any 289 / 302 / 351W.

Also, when Ford introduced the 351C in 1970 the 157 tooth flywheel with 28 oz imbalance was continued. There was only the 157 tooth flywheel used from 1967 - 73. All engines. All got the same imbalance factor of 28 oz.

Starting with the '68 302, then continuing on with the 69 351W and 70-up 351C, all manual transmission V8 flywheels used in Cougar & Mustang were 164 tooth. The last 157 tooth in these cars was the '68 289 engine.

That said, which flywheel you use depends on the bellhousing you have. Bellhousing, block plate and flywheel all have to match. Check the casting number on your bell and reference it against the MustangTek site linked below.

Wow I obviously didn’t know that - I’ve only used the 157 tooth version.

Yes I did not type the “1” on my flywheel tooth count…the important point here is
Saving the miscue of buying parts for a swap…putting a 157 tooth wheel in a large “164 tooth” bell housing and not finding its a mismatch until you twist the key

I bought a rusty 1968 Mustang fastback and parted it out. Used the 4 speed transmission in my '67 which was a factory 3 speed. The '68 was a 289-2V 4 speed and I had no idea there was ever a 164 tooth version.