351W Performance Parts

Looking for new or good condition used (no machine work necessary to install):
-AFR/TFS (Or comparable) 190/195 heads
-Harmonic Balancer, 0oz imbalance
-750cfm 4150 style DP carb
-Road race style oil pan and install kit
-Vintage Air Frontrunner kit
-408 Stroker Kit
-Any type of engine ARP bolt (must be new)

  • ~500hp rated clutch and pressure plate (must be new)

If you’re around NY/NJ/CT tristate area, or Columbus, Ga, I can probably pick up.

What I’m not looking for:
-Broken/repaired parts
-Parts that have been used to a degree that they need machine work to be installed in a new engine
-Parts that you want to sell for almost what they would cost for me to buy at Summit. I’m willing to pay a little more to get parts from a retailer and have a good warranty and a guaranteed part, so the amount I’m saving needs to make sense for the risk I am assuming.

Thanks for looking,


Please PM for contact info.

WP heads (Pr) 2.02" int, 1.60" exh, 61 CCs chambers, resurfaced, lightly ported to remove rough spots, new Crane 99893 springs, studs and guide plates, valves resurfaced, completely cleaned. Only about 100 miles used before pulled due to to much head. These are the larger ports. I included a picture of the comparision with standard 351W ports. $500 + shipping from zip code 89406

Are they aluminum or iron? Do you have the part number for them?


Iron and the only casting info I’ve found is the WINDSOR and 95 and W