4 barrel intake and carb recommendations

Hey guys, I have a 72 xr7. I’m not satisfied with the 2 barrel set up. What recommendations would anyone have for a 4 barrel set up?

I’m assuming you have a 351 ? Any mods?

I like Hollys , some prefer Edelbrock. Get a vacuum advance, and make sure if your not swapping the manifold you get the correct square/spread bore carb. Just my .02

Not satisfied in which way?

It’s the 351 Cleveland. I’ve been through three 2 barrel carbs and it still has a lag along with popping at low throttle. Has a completely new fuel system with pressure regulator as well if that helps.

“Lag” can simply be accelerator pump tuning. You can increase/quicken the pump shot by moving the rod out on the throttle shaft linkage, or in on the pump arm.

Popping at low throttle, if it followed through three carbs, is likely not a carburetor issue, but ignition.

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Thank you for that! I’ll adjust that and see where it gets me.

You need to check the timing.

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