4 sp, track-lock 9", and drive shaft for 67/68 390 Cougar

I don’t know how much luck I’ll have, but I’m thinking of converting my 67 auto Cougar to a 4sp.
The car currently has an open 8". If I’m changing the trans, I want the rear end changed as well.
I may need the center console as well.

Wish me luck.

Where are you located? I have a 69 390 4 speed convertible that I’m considering parting out. The car has a 9” with 3.25 TL as well. 100% complete car. I’m in Charlotte, NC.

I’m in Taunton Mass. How many miles on the parts, are they good to go?

The car is a project / parts car. Rear end is still in the car, everything else has been pulled. All the parts are in good shape, but I would go through the trans and replace the wheel bearings at a minimum. I have a guy that does top loaders locally if you would want it rebuilt first. I have had most of the small pieces and the bell housing powdercoated in the correct colors. The car was restored at one point so everything does appear to be in good condition. The car is from California. I do have the drive shaft etc which may work as is or need shortening when you put in new u-joints. I won’t ship these, so you’d have to pick them up. I am likely going to Carlisle so that may be an option.

What would it cost for everything if I can get there to pick it up?

$3,500. I paid $7k for the car, and the trans / 9” are the most valuable parts the car had.

RUG AD-1 Toploader
Driveshaft w/yoke
Bellhousing (Powdercoated)
Z bar, engine and body mounts
Clutch Rod and boot (Powdercoated)
9” Rear, 3.25 traction lock.
Trans crossmember (Powdercoated)
Clutch fork (parkerized)
All mounting hardware

Many of these parts interchange with 428 cars, so the bellhousing and Crossmember wouldbring &1k alone.

Thank you. Seems like a fair price. I’ll have to get back to you on timing.

I can send you an Excel spreadsheet list of the clutch/linkage parts for this conversion if you are interested. The total cost is not cheap for this project. Picking up a 1967 or 1968 parts car would be best.

I would appreciate it, thank you. My email is gt390xr7 at yahoo dot com
I may have parts from a 69 390 Cougar, I have to check that it all will fit.

All of the parts I listed are the same for 68 and 69. You may have to shorten the driveshaft, which is easily done. What I don’t have is a 68 clutch pedal (reproduced) and the console.

Email sent.

Got it, thank you.