427 2 groove generator pulley

today i get a bad message. My 2 groove generator pulley gets lost… shop is full of sorry but is gone. misplaced, lost in nirwhana…
Anyone can sell me another one?
The last missing piece piece to get my redE back on the road…

Thank you

If there all the same I have some ,you can have it for postage, if there different and some one could post dimensions I’ll check the ones I have.

Hi Randy, Jim P.s list reads is a
C5AZ-1 0344-L​
C5AF-1 OA352-J
It would be great if you can help me out!
Thank you

Dead Nuts On also sells an exact replacement.

The two i have don’t have numbers but your welcome to it if you want

I will compare your picture to the pulley i have on my greenE and will respond tomorrow!

Thank you do much for your help!


+1 on Dead Nuts, PLUS, it’s the correct color