428 Cobra Jet Driveshaft Detail

I have a friend doing a high- end restoration on a 1969 Cougar Convertible- 428 CJ 4 Speed car. They are doing the final detailing and are looking for correct color and placement of the drive shaft markings. Anyone have this info? I will post pictures of this beauty when it is done.

If you can’t find what you need on here, I would call or email Dead Nuts On as they may be able to help. They make concours correct driveshafts.


Here is good information on the driveshaft details. I used Dead Nuts On to do my Driveshaft and would need to look at it to give you the colors and dimensions on stripes. I’m sure someone will chime in before I can get to that.

Not sure when your car was built and it sometimes matters since details like this can change during the production years. Buildsheets from other examples show Light Blue, Tan and White as the three identification stripes. Of course there were likely some additional markings and the identification of the yokes used to make the driveline up but apparently you don’t need those details

As mentioned there is an article on CMF about restoring your driveline - finishes, heat marks and such just have to join the site to get access that that section of the forum

Here is a spread sheet I have been compiling of driveshaft stripe markings by application. I am not an expert in this matter, just an interested party who has been gathering information and build sheet images. I hope this helps.

You should add the 68 W code Cougars

I have a line for them on the automatic transmission side of my spreadsheet. I haven’t actually seen a build sheet from a W code GTE yet.

I have seen several. Drive shaft code is LBLU DBLU DGRN. Same as 390GT. Same as 428CJ.

The shaft starts out as 3” diameter the entire length. About mid March 1968 the driveshaft design changes to having most of the length 4” diameter but still tapers to 3” diameter at each end. It still uses the same paint stripes as the early ones.

LBRDLG means Light blue, red, and light green? Just wanted to confirm, thanks, Scott

That’s what mine were.
Driveshaft Stripe Colors - SCJ-4psd.JPG
^From my build sheet in the car.

^What I found on my DS after cleaning it up.


thanks Mike - I will copy your photo - great job!