428 Purple convertibe Cat

1969 Purple (Rocky Mt Special) 428 vert was at MCACN show this past weekend in Chicago. I thought they were all 351 Cats… If I could figure out how to get a pic off phone & on to this site I’d be a genius! LOL

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So cool!!!

  • Phillip

I did quite a bit of research on this car back when it was for sale some time ago - its actually painted the color of the RMS Cougars but was not one of them - someone, along the way back in 1969, saw a RMS car and decided they wanted it painted that color - either a dealer or a customer - not sure as I dont recall seeing the Marti report for it waaaay back then. The car was repainted red at some point. Beautiful restoration and surely one of one with that paint.

If I was buying one of these new and saw one painted purple, I would have had a very different reaction - being glad mine wasn’t that color! But that said, I like it. Looks really well restored too.

Bonus points for the photo name… :rofl: Would have been nice to have something on the car in the display there other than the show sign. Explain why it is special… Just saying… Not sure if the owner was there as there never was anyone around the car as I was trying to run by and ask questions.

Thanks for the info.
Growing up in Calgary, Alberta, we saw Rocky Mountain cars regularly. A high school classmates dad drove a 69 four door Monterey company car in company colours. Saw lots of the Cougar hardtops, but never a 69 CJ rag. Corrects my thinking of "how could I have missed that one.
Any information on where this one is located now?

Here:Purple CJ convertible

Cougar Bill, I checked the calendar and the show is 11/18 and 11/19 this year. As it comes closer to show time is it possible to see who has cars entered?

Unknown, maybe check web site, or call them?

Here’s a link to 1 Cougar that will be there: Boss 429 Cougar? Expect The Unexpected at the MCACN Show!