428CJ SCJ 390GT Water Pump Cores C9AE-A Castings various dates. Look $75

Looking for something the other day, ran into a dark corner with a small stash of C9AE-A water pumps that I had collected over time for my 69 CJ, now on with it’s next owners

Dates available:
9F27: 1969 June 27 Very Late or VERY early 1970 models!
9L5: 1969 November 5 1970 production
9M10: 1969 December 10 Christmas car 1970 production
0A20: 1970 January 20 New year underway! 1970 production

Some of these were pulled from good running vehicles no longer wanted on the roads! Some were sitting for a while… Presume that what you get may need to be rebuilt…but some still had shiny new bolts on the back cover! Some rust visible on in/outs but no junk! If I wouldn’t use it on my car I wouldn’t buy it!!!

Pics representative of what I have.

If you need more info please ask!
Thanks for looking!