67 289 & C4 For Sale 98,000 Orig Miles

Hi There,

I purchased a 67 Cougar that had been sitting for 25 years +/- . Believe it or not, put a new carb and fuel tank lines, trans filter and fluid a few seals and it fired right up and drove very nicely - no leaks or knocks!! I still drive it! But it does smoke when you first fire it up (probably valve guides/seals) and it consumes a qt of oil about every 500 miles or so. The transmission however shifts and drives perfect. The car has 98,000 original miles. It even still has factory original single exhaust!! 289 4 BBL / C4.

After much internal debate about leaving it original and just freshening up the 289 and maybe going new dual exhaust I decided I’m going to put a 90’s 5.0 (302) Roller Motor and T5 Five Speed I had laying around in the car - restomod.

So the original engine and trans are for sale from The San Francisco, CA Bay area. Youtube video:


$900 OBO. My direct email is rburber01@gmail.com

I also have a youtube video of the engine and trans running and driving from the other day. The intention however is to pull it out this month, October 2019 and I may / likely will / put it on Ebay as well.

Thank you,