'67 289 timing marks

1967 cougar 289 cu

In the early stages of the renovation.
Installed new dizzy and looking to get timing set.
I understand 11-13 degrees is often a sweet spot. I’ll also use vacuum gauge to assist
Question is
I cleaned the harmonic balancer best I could
I see TDC top dead center of course then 4 lines.
The lines aren’t labeled.
Increments of 2?
2,4,6,8 before TDC??

Might be easier to just order new timing tape to stick on the balancer.

Thanks for the suggestion. If I knew what the marks indicated I can get it timed. Or get a timing light that allows me to set to specific timing on the dial.
Once it’s set I doubt I’ll move it again.
If anyone knows the index let me know.

The '67 factory manual shows them as 3, 6, 9 and 12. The numbers are at the forward side of the timing mark lines.

Perfect. Thanks!