67-68 Cougar parts for sale

We just completed a restoration on a 67 Cougar XR7. We used a 68 XR7 as a parts car and used the best parts of the two in the restoration. We now have a blend of 67 and 68 parts remaining. Let me know what you are looking for and I will check and see if I have it. Engine and rear end are already gone. Parts are located in Sioux Falls SD.

What color interior pieces do you have? I need door pull straps, 68 door map pockets, and door armrests. Looking for dark ivy gold pieces (dark green).

The two interiors colors were Burgundy and the other appears to be a really dark green or black. Just glancing at it looks black but when you look close I believe it could be green. Everything is dirty from sitting and I’ll have to clean a few items up to get a look. The door pulls and the arm rests I know are burgundy.

If you have the rear proportioning valve that goes above the rear axle, I’d be interested in that…

LH front fender and Fender tip?

Sorry the rear proportioning valve is gone. I have both front fenders but the fender extensions are gone also.

Looking for door panel and rear interior quarter panels ?

Do you happen to have a clock for a console?

Greetings :smiley: ,

PM sent.

I would like to know of the availability and price of the following parts. :slight_smile:

a. Driver’s side mirror.
b. One rear quarter panel side marker/reflector.
c. Two Xr-7 emblems located on the C-Pillar.
d. Trunk lock/ with housing and cover and their mounting bolts/spacers/gasket, everything but the actual latch.

Shipping would be to the 90041 zip code.


Need a front windshield and rear quarter windows and frame work

Are there any Console parts available?

Looking for a good rear bumper for a 68 Cougar

I do have one. I would have to pull it out of storage and get it cleaned up. Where are you located?

I do have some. What specifically are you looking for?

I am located in Canada. I pick up freight at a shipping depot in Sweetgrass Montana

I am looking for a driver quality (good condition) rear bumper for my 1968 Mercury Cougar.
It doesn’t have to be perfect but good driver quality, no rust or major dents.
I am in Canada and I pick up freight at a shipping depot in Sweetgrass Montana