67-68 Hood Scoop

I’m an looking for the 68 428 style hood scoop. Not the GTE style. I’m sure this has probably been covered several times but a forum search didn’t provide an answer. Repros available?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


As far as I am aware, at this time there are not hood scoops being reproduce that were used on the Cougars equipped with the 428 Cobra Jet.

The 1969 Cobra Jet hood scoop is very similar in looks, has a different bolt pattern and made differently.

Are you adding one to a 67 or 68? Are you building a custom cat? Inquiring minds want to know and always enjoy seeing photos.

There is a 428 Cobra Jet issue of ATSOTC magazine of you have not yet received there are copies available via the online store located on www.CougarClub.org



No clone or tribute in mind. This is just a driver quality base 67. PO had too tall air cleaner at one time and put some small dimples in hood. I recently installed a Holley Sniper Stealth with a 1/2 spacer and had minimal clearance myself. After a few spirited drives and seeing my brand new fan shroud destroyed, I knew the drivers side motor mount was gone. I only noticed after the MM repair that the hood damage was now worse. :grimacing:

Older acrylic enamel paint would be near impossible to match and painting the whole car is out of the question. I was thinking repair the damage, paint a stripe on the power bulge and add a color matched scoop to make it all come together.

Will the Eliminator scoop fit the profile of the 67-68 hood?

Functionality isn’t really a concern. Not wanting to cut a hole in an otherwise good quality hood.

Thanks for the feedback.


While it looks similar, the 1968 Cougar Cobra Jet hood scoop is unique and ultra rare and expensive.

A similar hood scoop was used on the Cougars (Eliminators, Ram Air Cobra Jets, etc.) in '69 and '70 and even on the Mavericks and Comets of the early '70s.


Those would be the least expensive and I think they all fit the '67/'68 Cougar hood.

The later scoops have multiple mounting points on the bottom to fit all the different applications.

  • Phillip

Thanks for the reply Phillip. I guessed that the Eliminator scoop would work but wanted some confirmation.