67-68 Right Hand Drive Exports

I was searching the net and came across an ad (sold) for a supposedly one-owner car in Australia. It is right-hand drive equipped and I noticed the right-hand mirror. This car has modifications, so I wouldn’t trust it for originality, but it made me wonder about the mirror. Did Mercury sell right-hand drive cars or were they modified by a second company. In either case, shouldn’t a right side mirror exist that are originally designed for the right side? (Aren’t the reproduction right side versions now available left side mirrors with the design reversed?)

Here’s the page I found. http://richmonds.com.au/portfolio/1968-mercury-cougar-coupe/

Two cars were imported by Ford Australia and converted. They have Ford Australia compliance tags

There were no right hand drive production models

All right hand drive cars were imported and converted locally (although a couple might have been converted in Thailand and Philippines)

Thanks for answering, Leon.

The ad states this one was ordered from a Canada dealer and shipped to Australia, so this wouldn’t be one of the 2, I wouldn’t think.

That mirror is a remote adjustable type without the remote adjust wand mounted inside the car.

There were several importers who ordered cars through Canada to get a better deal on import tariffs from another Commonwealth countries. They were LHD cars and were converted on arrival.

This wasn’t one of the two that Ford Australia imported. The door tag shows that it was converted by Ray Morris Motor Conversions

From what you can see in the photos the conversion looks pretty good for 1968. I thought at that stage the aftermarket was still using things like chain drive for steering conversion, etc.

There were some excellent converters in 1970’s who did not use chain drives. Ces Roobottom in Queensland, British and Continental Cars in Sydney, Ford Australia in Sydney, Chapels in Melbourne and a couple more in Sydney. Conversions done in Sydney were strictly engineered