67/68 trunk pad underlayment material recommendations

I searched a bunch of ‘trunk’ posts and couldn’t find this topic. I have a fresh trunk vinyl plaid pattern floor cover. Unfortunately my original underlayment pad (for lack of a better term) was a gooy mess in pieces. I’d like some sort of underlayment material and don’t mind cutting to suit.

Does anyone have good recommendations here for what to use? Thanks!

The original stuff was a sort of tar infused cardboard. This stuff is better:
Trunk Underlayment

Cheaper version

First question that would guide you to the best choice. Originally the product as a group of different layers with a jute center core with a tar layer above and below that followed by a layer of treated paper or very thin clear plastic. Think very thin saran wrap.

If your going the restored route then you can make your own with a little effort. Unfortunately don’t believe anyone is making a reproduction for Cougars and other Ford/Mercury cars like they do Mustang

As for aftermarket there are a number of products you can get to make work but finding one that is large enough to cover everything the originals did might mean that you’ll have to make one that is two or three individual pieces.

Good luck with your choices

I’m not concerned about ‘originality’ per se. I want a nicely built daily driver. For example, I’ve got a roller 302 motor '94 Mustang short block), '88 heads I ported, aftermarket cam with higher lobe separation for decent idle, front end updated pulleys and serpentine belt circa '88 5.0 so with it is an alternator that can power my aftermarket AC (original car didn’t have any AC). I also have the probe servo actuated front headlight covers, and a (old now) simple electronic sequencer for my rear tail lights.

Having said that, I’m not keen on any particular style. Function is what matters to me. Some sort of non-spongy, compliant pad underneath the plaid vinyl piece.

" The original stuff was a sort of tar infused cardboard. This stuff is better:
Trunk Underlayment

Cheaper version "


I’ve tried quite a few and found this set to be most like the original stuff. Not saying it’s the best, but I like to keep things as close to original as I can. It’s a pain to ship because it’s so heavy.

Check out this supplier. Their underlayment is pretty close in looks but a little thin.

REM Automotive, INC (remautoinc.com)

Raybuck has the EVA mats made by ACC at a discount and offers free shipping (which is a big discount considering the weight of these). These are 3/32" thick and dense yet don’t break apart, and look like original.
Sound Deadener for Cars & Trucks | Automotive Sound Deadening Kit (raybuck.com)

thanks to all for the suggestions. It will be done with paint soon, I’ll then look into which one works for me.