67/68 upper back seat upholstery

Hello fellow Cougarmates,
I took the rear seat upper portion C7WB656670?C to have recovered and was told that it wiil not fit because the corners are “square” on your new Saddle 1968 standard Cougar upholstery isn’t. Said, it will “never” fit that frame.
Can someone please shed some light on this. I am under the impression all 1967/1968 upper frames are the same.
He asked me to look at the corner of the cover and i can see the pattern is different in the way the piping handels the corner. My thought is that padding is placed accordingly.
Do I possibly have Mustang upholstery?
I am very confused.
Thank you in advance for any insight.

I think I am seeing an XR7 cover (Dark color) laying on top of what looks like Mustang possibly, not enough in the picture to say for sure.

I can not answer the question directly but I can say that I used a mustang rear cover on my cougar seat. The bottom had to be modified however but the top was a correct fit. The cover and style was aftermarket but the pattern was mustang.

Is it possible the saddle back is for a bench front seat?

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Yes sir, the upholstery on top of the Saddle is blk 67xr7. The xr7 upholstery has the similar corner stiching as the white decore to be replaced.

I placed the cover over the old and it did fit with ease I would say.

dieselD, Your covers look fantastic! I like the style. Making them work is the love of it. I looked at the whole set and looks to be 1968 standard Cougar.
I saw the Saddle rear seat for sale on ebay. Same pattern as I wanted to apply. The only question for me is ; Are there 2 different rear seat uppers, not including convertible, between Mustang and Cougar 67/68? That would only apply if I had Mustang covers. I am sure the frame is for Cougar. The box and the tan upholstery has 68cougar std #165 BRT in sharpie. Maybe someone knows the maker. I bought them in Nov’07. I think they are very nice.