67-68 upper control arms

The Moog ones I find locally are made in Taiwan, has anyone found US made ones, the lowers are US made.

Moog has a cheap sub quality Chinese made line. This is denoted by the letter “R” at the beginning of their part#


Look at the lower Moog arms $10 difference between the best (CK series) & Chinese… (RK series)

I am working on the article & have most of the pics. needed, just gotta find the time to put it togeteher

These are made in California by Americans:


If those are made by Rare Parts in Modesto,Ca. they will be good.

Thanks for all the input, I’ll have to think about it a little I always buy US when i can and pay more for it and that’s ok but 3 times as much for what little I’ll be driving it ? I’ll have to see if I can rebuild the ones I have with US parts .

I wanted to rebuild mine but they turned out to both be cracked at the rivet holes after I spent a couple hours drilling and bead blasting them. I got a second set and they were cracked too. I would have saved a ton of time and money just buying the ones made by Rare Parts in the first place.

You can buy them direct from Rare Parts for an extra $25 each but NPD has a better price.

Has anybody tried these? https://www.ebay.com/itm/FOR-67-73-FORD-MUSTANG-MERCURY-COUGAR-RWD-FRONT-UPPER-CONTROL-ARM-W-BALL-JOINT/383390127866?hash=item5943d516fa%3Ag%3AydoAAOSwu1JeLLhp&fits=Year%3A1968|Model%3ACougar|Make%3AMercury

Those look good but I’m for original type items .