67 cougar disc brake conversion

I was wondering what type of cars could be donors for the 67 cougar. Can you take the assembly from any other ford of the same year?

1967 Cougar, Mustang, Fairlane would be the only ones. They make it super easy, because the drum brake spindles are the same as disk for that year model.

You could get the entire spindle and brake assemblies from 1968 - 73 Mustang or Cougar too. Also 1974 - 79 Grenada, Mercury Monarch, Mercury Versaille, Ford Falcon, and Mercury Comet.

So if I go with 68-73 mustang or cougar or the 74-79 grenada, do I have to get the spindles that go with that year? Also would disc brakes from a 1979 f350 work with the spindle system from it?

Truck spindles will not work. 71-73 Cougars and Mustangs almost always have disc brakes so they can be had for $100 if you keep your eye out. Here is a video that will guide you.


Yes, if you want to use parts from 1968 or later - the ones I listed are the only ones that will fit - you will need not only the spindles, but also the brake flex hoses, tie rod ends, and if you have stock 1967 wheels - you will have to replace all your wheels too. Only 1967 disc brakes will fit if you have stock 1967 wheels.

I have a set of 67’ disc brakes and spindle brackets. They will need to be rebuilt/restored.

If interested, send me a PM.

If I wanted to keep my '67 Cougar with manual brakes, but just convert drums to discs, what would the part list look like?

I went from drum to disc on the front of my '68 using parts from a '67 (the '68 drum brake spindle is the same as the '67 spindle). I recall swapping out rotors, calipers, brake flex lines and switching the master cylinder over to a Mustang unit designed for manual disc brakes. I put in a manual proportioning valve and line lock at the same time, so it wasn’t done completely with OEM parts. I also recall having to shorten the brake pushrod slightly.

Great thanks, it seems pretty straightforward.

It was about 20 years ago when I did it, but I don’t remember it as being too bad. The pushrod was just a bit too long initially, so the brakes wouldn’t release when I let off the pedal. After I shortened it a bit then it was fine. I’d guess there’s a correct length rod available, but I made the one I had work.


I would really like to convert my 67 POWER DRUM brakes to Disc. Anyone in Mesa AZ or near who can do it? Cougar Bill, wanna come to AZ next winter and swap these brakes?

Interesting question! I will look into it. Glad to hear your getting settled in down there. We will miss you at the CougarFest!

Take care & let me know about the brakes!