67 Cougar for sale blue

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A price and a location would be most helpful to facilitate this sale !

Decatur, Indiana. Asking $33500.

Do you have any information on the car? Engine, transmission, does the A/C work? Is there any rust or rot repair on this car? What kind of molding was used for around the bottom of the vinyl top? I’ve never seen Chrome used like that it’s usually a textured molding.

289 with a 4 barrel carb had the AC gone through this spring and it was working when we put it in for the winter. Molding is chrome, I can’t say if it’s right or wrong it is what it is. No rot repair that I could find when I purchased it.

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I thought black and white vinyl tops(and tu tones)came black or white beltline trim and all other color combos came with chrome moulding. Tu tones used the same mouldings in 67/68

Is it an “A” code car? Please check your email, If you get a chance to check your email, I sent asking for more specific pictures. Thanks

I apologize for asking lots of questions, but if you don’t ask you don’t know. It looks like the car had quarter panels put on both sides? When you show pictures of the door jamb, you don’t see where the quarter panel comes in and shows an edge, it’s all smooth like it’s been repaired. I sent you a couple emails requesting pics of certain areas, is this something that you can send me?

To be sure just what pictures do you want? Are you interested in purchasing the car, I don’t want to take specific pictures if you’re not.

Of course I’m interested… Bare trunk floor on both sides of the gas tank, where quarter panel meets rocker panel, quarter panel drop-downs, inner fenders under hood on top,

ALSO, I asked … Where you show pictures of the door jamb, you don’t see where the quarter panel comes in and shows an edge, it’s all smooth like it’s been repaired, was there quarter panels put on this car? I appreciate your time, Thanks

I sure am interested!!

I know these cars are bringing a lot of money right now, and when the asking price is 10 times what the car sold for brand new, I need to know what I’m buying. I am willing to pay up to $40,000.00 for a 67 or 68 Cougar, but I am not going to buy a car that was a rust bucket & fixed up to look beautiful. I have traveled a thousand miles to look at a 67 that the gentleman said was rust free with no repairs & the car was fiberglass from one end to the other. Perception is everything, your nice may be way different than mine. When spending/investing in a classic car, there is always risk, but if you don’t ask questions, you have no idea what the car really is unless you go look at it yourself. That being said, I always ask the hard questions, if I get the answers I am hoping for, I will make the trip to inspect myself. I hope you understand.

Hello Copykat93, I live in close proximity to this Cougar, and have likely seen it before at some local events. The door jamb photos (IMHO) could indicate that rear 1/4 panel replacement has been past performed?? I do not personally know the owner, Kelso. If you end up needing a set of eyes on the car… could certainly take a look for you.

Thank you Katnip, I appreciate that… I haven’t heard back from him on emails or this post for a bit, this holiday weekend people are pretty busy, so just have to wait and see what happens next.

I sent a E mail to the address on the e mail you sent. Did you get the pictures and the list of items you asked about as well as what I have added since I’ve had it. Sent about a week ago but no reply.

No, I haven’t received any email from you and I have not received any pictures as well. Here is my email address, maybe if you could put your email address in this response on the site, I will send you an test email that you can respond to with the pictures and information I was requesting on your car.


What is your email?

I guess this isn’t meant to be… Anyone else have a 67 Cougar for sale? Send me pics and info via my email copykat93@verizon.net

I have E mailed you numerous times with pictures you requested and only once did I receive any notice from you that you received them. That consisted of your comment that it blows your mind that I sent you the same picture. If in fact you had acknowledged that you received the pictures I wound not have needed to sending the same picture asking for an answer,.
Since then I have sent numerous emails with picture attachments of areas you requested, again no acknowledgment that you received them. I sent the same email to another car guy ask him to acknowledge that he received them, he did. I also asked you if it was possible that your server was the problem, don’t know as again no response from you.
Just today I sent you pictures of the door edges along with the area under the sound barrier you requested. Never heard back.
I have to assume that you may have changed you mind of being interested in the car with your lack of any response.

I didn’t realize I was to use the forum for a trans action. You are welcome to look at the car, just inform me when so I can arrange for it. I am somewhat busy building 2 stroke racing engines for the upcoming Daytona race but will make time available.