67 cougar steering question

I was just wondering about the original steering setup and was wondering if it would be possible to put modern steering from like a 90s mustang or cougar into the 67. If it is possible how hard would it be? And would it work/ be worth while?

I’m not sure what it would take to use the setup from the 90’s Mustang or Cougar but there are a lot of options for changing the factory set up. Rack and pinion, Borgenson (not sure of the spelling) unit. Just Google and I’m sure you will find something. Someone else might post more detailed information.

I knew about the aftermarket upgrades but I figured it would be much cheaper if you could get a setup outta a junkyard

I’m sure the swap could be done with some engineering. If I remember correctly Mark swapped the power steering setup on Local Hero with a 1978 Toyota setup. You might want to search his posts or send him a PM for advise.

People have taken the R & P steering out of Mustang IIs and put them in older Mustangs.

In most cases the easiest, lowest cost, way to improve the steering in a Cougar is to properly diagnose the problem and replace the worn out parts. The idler arm is bad on about half the Cougars I have seen and just that one part makes a huge difference in how the car steers. WCCC did a great video that shows how to diagnose the problems and it is really easy to do.

…which requires that a new crossmember be welded in and all the Mustang II suspension components be added.

There are several rack conversions and front suspension/steering upgrades available. Most are really pricey.

“Fox” Mustang (79-93, possibly to 2004) steering will not work as a “bolt-in” because it would work backward from what is needed in a rear steer application.

I tried twice to install Flaming River rack assembly and cradle in my 69 XR 7. Their cradle (bracket) fit poorly and the steering shaft would have had to pass through the outlet bell of my driver’s side exhaust manifold to work.

I have basically a stock steering setup (all new components installed several years ago) using a Borgeson remanufactured steering box in my car. It does not have the precision and feel of a newer car but works well enough for me considering what it is.

I have the TCP (Total Control Products) rack on the road race Cougar along with the bump steer kit. Very precise, but will set you back about $1,500 to $2,000 depending if you want power or manual. Chris Alston's Chassisworks, Inc.; Chassisworks - Manual Rack and Pinions

Not to derail the thread here, but I think I’ll send The Heap up to you, Brian, for a re-do…

Back on topic, Borgeson is the route I’ll be going, one of these days.