67 Cougar strut rod

I’m new to this forum, but follow several Mustang Forums, so I know the basic chassis of these cousins. I operate CSRP (discbrakeswap). I mention that only as introduction to the subject of what is the original equipment configuration for the strut rods on a 67 Cougar. I have a customer that purchased one of our Kelsey-Hayes/Ford type brake kits (the OE type for a 67 Cougar). He is having problems with the caliper interfering with the strut rod. I have attached a picture below. I don’t believe this piece to be an original strut rod, but I am not certain. Can anyone ID this as original or aftermarket?

That is original. It is called an articulated strut rod and it was a part of what made the Cougar different from the Mustang and Falcon.

A 67 Cougar was available with the the 4 piston caliper based KH brake system, of which the brackets and backing plate are installed on the spindle shown in the picture. How was it that these disc brakes were used with that strut rod? The strut rod resides several inches more outboard than the Mustang type, so it interferes with the caliper when the wheel is turned. Curiously, several of my customers have installed this kit on a 67 Cougar without reported problems.

The lower control arm in 1967 was drilled specifically for that strut rod. The spindles and KH disc brakes were common to Mustang, Cougar, and 1966-67 mid sized Ford and Mercury (Comet Fairlane and variants). I am not sure how the caliper would come into contact. OEM 1967 Cougar brakes?

It is hard to see angles clearly in photographs… but the mounting angle of the strut on the lower control arm looks a little funny to me. Also it looks like the bushing is totally shot, but that could be because of the angle in the picture.

Almost looks to me like it is missing the rear bolt? That bracket should have 2 bolts… Almost looks like the second hole is empty… Maybe I’m seeing things…

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I have to agree that the strut rod bracket attached to the lower control arm does not look right. On a factory lower control arm, there are two holes in the lower control arm for the bracket, they are at a diagonal with the front hole toward the front of the control arm and closer to the centerline of the vehicle whereas the other hole is rearward and closer to the spindle. On aftermarket control arms, they typically have 4 holes and to make matters worse, the hole diameters are too small to fit the bolts. You must elongate the two holes on the diagonal to keep the proper geometry.

From the photo, it appears that the two holes closest to the spindle where used to mount the control arm bracket.

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Agreed on the diagonal mounting, I wonder if the articulating rod should be more diagonal. However, it does not look like it has been removed in some time, so that would beg his original question, are the Disc strut rods set up differently than the Drum due to clearance issues.

It would be nice to get a photo from someone who has the set-up he is looking for.

I can only provide what the PO on my '67 had done, which is replaced the strut rods with not articulating ones:
(From the crusty before files)

I put in TCP Strut Rods, which articulate on the front end with a teflon ball and socket joint, keeping the rear end trim

Here is a picture of a car from WCCC with drum brakes up front:

(I was shooting exemplars for re-assembly)

Here is a picture of my 67s front suspension with aftermarket disc brakes and aftermarket lower control arms. I reused my stock drum spindles and the original 67 strut rods with new bushings.

Note in the first picture, (drivers side lower control arm looking up from underneath) that the strut rod bracket attaches to the diagonal of the 4 holes in the lower control arm.

To give some perspective of the angle of the strut rod bracket relative to the tire, the tire in the second picture is pointed straight ahead.

Let me know if you need any additional pictures.

Coach Jack

Thanks guys, that clears up things considerably. I will direct my customer to this posting.

What a nice and helpful forum community you have!

Why don’t you offer the forum members a special deal on brakes? We don’t accept advertising, but it you will participate and support the product by answering questions, you are most welcome to promote what you have to offer. No drive by link bombs please. There is always a lot of interest in adding rear discs, since front discs were standard on so many Cougars.

I’d be happy to offer forum members a 5% general discount and always support our products. I’d also be glad to participate in the forum.

We do not currently offer rear disc brakes. There are significant install issues concerning a functional parking/emergency brake. We will not offer that product until we are happy with its function and ease of install. At this time, there at several product project that have more priority.

Fantastic! Thanks!

We had a member that was selling rear disc brake kits that were Crown Vic based. They required a hub centric spacer to adapt the disc to our rear axles. The discs were the top hat style with the integral parking brake. I suspect that you are familiar with this, but if not I will do some research and see if I can find more information. Since it was a sideline, there were delivery problems… Other than that I think the folks that bought the kits were very happy with them. All Cougars are five bolt and the only rear axle used for 69 through 73 was the nine inch. In 67 and 68 you had 8 inch and 9 inch, mostly 8 inch.

Thanks for the info, the explorer rear disc brake swap is commonly used with large bearing applications (9" rears). I will try to check back routinely to provide feedback on disc brake issues. I can be contacted via email if needed.