67 Cougar

My first car was this 67 Cougar. I sold it to get married in 1984. I’ve regretted both desicions ever since, haha. It’s time to get back to something like this cougar. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m looking for a good place to start. Sure the nicer the better but I’m also into the cheaper the better. I figure if I find an average no frills car I can build it whatever color I want and not feel guilty. I like an automatic with a center console. I know the console can be added later. Just looking for a good place to start. I’m in central California, just south of Fresno. I have a trailer. I can discuss shipping. Thanks.

Looks like one I sold in about 1980 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Same Wheels, XR-7 A code, C4, Lime Frost with dark Ivy interior.

Yeah that one was silver with black paint top. I sure miss it.

I have a 67 standard, 289, auto, A/C, black vinyl top, gray now, original Glacier Blue. Runs and drives fine, interior upholstery very good, lots of father son stuff could detailing nicely. I paid $9500 and have put about $1000 more in and some time. I just bought a 1 of 1 67 Glacier blue XR7 and would see this to a good home. I’m not tec enough to send you pictures over this system, but can if you give me your # or email. Phil Kiser 406-781-0190

That sounds like a nice car Phil. I appreciate your reply. I’m really trying to stay close to $5000 or less. Text me some pics though. 5597995786 Thanks.

Hi I’m joe, I have the rusfree 67 cougar XR7 GT 390. She was originally of Alabama and the Florida panhandle. And Alabama gang of race drivers in talladega. They obviously did a nice fresher rebuild of the engine transmission rear ended. Now I’m early in the restoration so,she’s not spent out yet. Best car I’ve ever worked or. A real,GT. My number Tampa 813-842-5562

Found this one in Fresno for $2000.00
It runs, drives. I put new rubber on it. Just some inexpensive Yokohama tires. It needs a lot of little things but it seems to be a great place to start. Just a base Cougar with an auto. It’s an AC car but none of the under hood parts are there. Power discs. Power steering. I’m pretty happy.

Congratulations! Looks like a great Cougar. Enjoy yourself.

got one for 25k in NM minimal rust. easy project car. 289 engine recently re-honed