67 Fender Removal

Alright… I am trying to remove my fenders for strip and prime ( doing it right and getting rid of the coat over coat business going on) and I cannot find what is left holding the fenders on.

I have removed all top bolts, the bolt in the door jam, the bolt at the bottom to the fender-stay, and the bolts that connect to the front bumper. What is left?

Thanks guys and sorry this is such a noob post. I searched and couldn’t find a direct answer.

There should be some that you will have to access from the headlight bucket area, as well…most likely hidden by your vacuum tank, if it is still in place(on the L/H side, that is).

Awesome. Thanks! Removed those and then I figured out what the main problem was on my passenger side fender. One of the previous owners had placed small tack-welds and the paint was hiding them.