67 gt console and shifter question

I just recently bought a 67 cougar GT. I ordered the Marti report which came today. Now… I’m not worried about the car being 100% original because it’s not a show car, just gonna be a nice cruiser but I would like most things that are suppose to be there.

I see from the report that it’s a console car. The console is gone and it appears that the shifter that’s there was not a console shifter. Do I need to replace just the lever with the attachment for the gear indicator, or do I need to replace the whole shifter because if the 2 tabs that the plate with the indicators attach to?

Thanks for the help and I’m sure I’ll be on here a lot more as questions arise.

Yes, the shifter stem and bucket are different as well as the other peripheral parts. Keep in mind we will give you in store credit on your take out parts. This link will show you all parts required.


Personally I like them a lot better with no console. Maybe you need to collect the parts and install them at resale time?

There are some bargains out there if you watch close. I really like how the consoles dress up the interior. A Cougar without a console seems rather Mustangish to me…


Thanks for the info. I’ll keep my eyes open for the parts I need.

I have another console question. Are there 2 separate console? 1 work the clock and 1 with the slide up door? Or is the clock panel removable and can be replaced with the slide up door and compartment?

The clock came with the XR7 console.

So I take it the whole console is different and i couldn’t change a few parts to remove the clock and add the slide up door?

I know there are differences, I’m not sure if the upper portion would be interchangeable.

There are 2 styles of console, standard Cougar and Cougar XR-7. The standard style is different between 1967 and 1968. The XR-7 style is the same for both years. The main plastic base piece is the same for both standard and XR-7 style. The base is different though for a car with A/C and a car without factory A/C. If the car has a manual transmission there is an additional section on the top of the plastic base that is cut away to allow room for the shifter. This cut out area will cause a problem if you try to attach the automatic shifter plate shown in the second post link by Don.

The top pad and the radio face pad are the same size and shape for both standard and XR-7 so either style will fit right up to the plastic base. Which ever way you decide to go you will want both of those pads to be the same style, either standard or XR-7 as the padding is quite different between the two. It would not look good to have one pad be the standard style and the other pad the XR-7 style.

I do have a couple of 1967 standard style consoles here, all for automatic transmission if you are looking for one.

Randy Goodling
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Thanks for all the info! I’m starting to learn some of the difference between all these parts.

Whereas you can “make” 67 work on 68 and std work on xr7 there are little differences. For example, if you use a 68 on a 67 std you will have screw holes showing at the back as seen here. Another difference is that there are 3 different upper pads used in 67-8 and the base is moulded differently based on contour of the pad. If you post your finds here I can identify the differences for you.


So I’m assuming here… If the xr7 console had the clock and the standard had the slide up door I’m assuming that’s because the xr7 had a tach, and that’s where the clock went in the standard… is this correct? My car according to Marti report had a clock, it’s a standard GT, so I’m assuming that the current cluster with tach was swapped out with an xr7.

CATHOUSE I tried sending you a PM but it’s showing in my outbox not sent messages… Let me know if you got it.

On a 67-68 standard Cougar the clock is located in the small instrument pod directly above the steering column. It is not the same diameter as the speedometer. If your car is a standard Cougar and it has an in dash tach I would say that at some point in the cars history the tach was swapped in. It might be out of an XR-7, or it might be something aftermarket. We would need to see a photo of what you have to say more about it.

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I received your PM and have sent you a reply.

Randy Goodling
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One last console question… i got a call from the guy I bought the car from… he found a bunch of parts that were tucked away in his garage… He found the factory shifter and bucket… It was for a c6 trans… does anyone know off hand if that shifter will work with the fmx trans that’s currently in the car? If not I’ll just swap the bucket and the stick itself

I have all of that and a black XR-7 A/C automatic console that I would be willing to part with.
I can send pictures and more details. Contact me by e-mail at scott dot f@telus dot net .