67 GT project... just spotted

You should pick this one up

Not familiar with color code 7. 6U interior is going to be difficult to match. The car looks like it had AC once too.

I think that is paint code “Z” not 7

If it is a “Z” then Sage Gold - with a black and white interior. Pretty odd choices.

According to Kevin Marti’s Cougar by the Numbers 1967-1973, there were 107 built with the combination of Z 6U.

That is more than I have seen. I do not remember ever seeing either the exterior or interior on any other car.

I would have bought it,

but this got in its way

and took the money too! LOL

This will be up for sale soon…

Looks great. What are the details on this cat? What kind of wheels are on it?

This is a 69 XR-7 convertible, 351Windsor auto (FMX). It was a project cat that the owner ran out of time & money. I am working on getting it finished. Has all new paint, interior, and all trim including bumpers are done. The wheels look like the “Eleanor Mustang” wheels. Going in for a new top next week.

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Cool GT project with unique color combo. Not sure I’d like it but its different. Too bad the engine/trans are gone but that’s typical. I’ve seen some 390 GT engines on FB marketplace ranging from $3500 to $10k for rebuilt but I’d put a 428 in it. Tough to find a factory manual GT 390 cougar

I have a code Z sage gold '67. It is always mistaken as lime frost and unless they park next to each other you won’t notice the difference, or the sage gold will just look like faded lime frost.