67 Headlight Solenoid

I’ve had issues with the headlight doors opening and closing. In the process of replacing hoses, I removed the rebuilt solenoid I installed 10+ years ago and noticed that the bottom had separated from the upper assembly. Wondering a couple things…

  1. Is the only thing inside that a spring? Wondering if anything has falled out of it over time.
  2. I can snap it back together, but should it be glued in some way?

Appreciate the help…

Hoping to bounce this up the list again. Never got a reply to this. And, I have one more question…

Is there a way to bench test this part to understand if it works an dif the problem with my headlights lies in this part?

Thanks for your help…

You may want to watch video from West Coast Classic Cougar. 67 Cougar Solenoid

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Ok. So I finally was able to get around to replacing all of the hoses from the solenoid to the actuators. Plenty of damaged hoses.
New problem. Doors open and lights turn on, but the doors do not close when the lights are off. In fact, just checked and the doors open once I turn the car on, without turning on the lights.

Another hose replacement? Light switch? Solenoid??