'67 - how many times does it take to seal a front windshield?

If any of you have read my few posts of late, I’m finally getting my Fawn '67 base to look like I’ve always wanted. In addition to my final mechanical updates (later model 302 [roller], AC, rear disk brakes) I always new my cowl need replacement. I had that done by a local fabricator, and even though earlier I though my leaks were cowl, in hindsight I think my gasket of 25 years was finally leaking (2nd windshield in the 90s). I then found a painter with a reasonable price, so after Window idiot shop #1 I decided to let the painter’s shop handle it since for a change in color both windshields were coming out of the car.

Without meaning anyone offence, we’re now paying the price of sending everyone to college in our country. 9 attempts (the fabricator’s windshield dude and 2 reputable shops) and it still leaks. The last few tries were the paint guy’s window dude [good sized local reputable shop with 5 trucks or so] - he’ll be repainting around the window a 3rd time because, of course, anytime one of the idiots decides to try again - they cause damage to the fresh Ruby Red Paint. It’s amazing the callous behavior the gorillas have these days not respecting the brand new paint job. The 3rd new gasket (purportedly from Steele like the prior 2) with butyl polymer sealant is leaking

Monday morning to another shop who has experience in old Cougars and Mustangs. I’ve finally learned what it’s about, but I don’t want to do it myself so the money will come from the final amount owed to the painter. I feel bad for him (his Window shop company of 18 years’ dudes actually destroyed my OEM trim that was in beautiful shape - so he had to buy another set).

We’re in the West Palm Beach, FL with numerous large reputable shops. Most of them don’t even know what a gasket joint is. Is this where we’re at in ‘these United States’ these days? No craftsmen left to do what in the day were more or less routine tasks? Has anyone had to deal with this crap?

I would take a serious look at the cowl replacement position.

When I had my 68 painted several years ago I wanted to replace my windshield. Painter wouldn’t touch it. The local glass shops weren’t interested even the one I bought the new windshield from. So I did it myself. Messy and much more involved than newer cars. Bought an applicator and in the end it came out fine with help from a friend. No leaks. I’m pretty fussy with my trim so I did all trim and chrome after paint. I’d rather do the work myself that trying to find someone to do it.

Interesting they are having so much trouble with it. It’s not really a hard job and most anyone could do it. Check out the video Don at WCCC did on a windshield replacement on this generation and will should answer any questions you or they may have

Since1980 - yes, I did inspect the cowl job - well done. It was pristine. No flange misalignments - looked like it came down the factory.

DieselD - to that I reply since the cell phone screen doesn’t tell the tech how to do it in 30 seconds or less, they simply throw in some goo, slap it together and hope for the best. The boss doesn’t fire them (since he’s/she’s clueless too) - so we continue to push the can down the road.

mr_580 - I’m like you - I finally decided to see what’s involved. It’s not hard - just a bit tedious and messy (OMG - it may involve WORK!?!). This final (and I do mean final) shop that I’ll use rather than do it myself comes at the recommendation of a gearhead/friend in the business longer than me that said they are great. They main guy has a late 60s Mustang himself and his off-line business is restorations. So… with a little luck I won’t need to do it myself. At some point in life we reach the point where we can pay others so we don’t have to sweat. I’m just frustrated there are no (qualified) others to pay!

Sorry I sound so cynical but my experience in the last few years is dismal.

There certainly is a huge lack of talent in the automotive industry the past decade or so l. Very few have the desire to do it right and have pride their work


A…just cuz you used a name brand gasket doesnt mean it fits well . Ask for recommendations.
B…yrs ago my glass guy refused to do a windshield install with anything but original trim.

Steele is a US company out of North Carolina. They bought the Ford dies and use US rubber (not Chinese garbage). It IS, for all intents and purposes, the OEM gasket! And this is a Ford Carlite windshield. And yes, each time the gasket was inspected - but unfortunately by the folks that don’t know how to seal well.

last one my dad did he was pushing 70. I think it took him 5-10 min while I held the inside…until he told me to get out of the way .

  1. we use clear silicone around the gasket to windshield. Never had a leak.
  2. KY jelly around the seal with the rope. KY will evaporate. windshield with gasket will practically fall in.
  3. let it dry for a day or 2. Then use the old black windshield glue. Do Not use the stuff made for new cars! Glue around the outside of the car only.

Never had a leak.

Hardest window we ever installed…62 chevy Biscayne rear window. took 20 min because we learned the top went in before the bottom LOL

thanks for the experiences here, Gents. If the next shop I use (who it turns out had both windshields in and out in '08 for the dude that did my headliner) - then I’ll be doing it myself. I’m confident these folks will get it right since their main guy and I had a nice chat Monday morning. New gasket in soon, so I’ll update after we’re (hopefully) done.