67 standard master cylinder question

Hey, I have a 1967 standard that came from the factory with manual brakes. I had a local shop install a Leeds power brake conversion kit with booster. Also had the drum brakes replaced with Wilwood disc brakes. Since, I’ve had several problems with the pedal sticking, brakes sticking, whistling, etc, and have decided to go back to manual brakes. I’ve replaced the peddle and removed the booster. Does anyone know if the master cylinder from the Leeds conversation kit can be used again for the manual brakes? Or do I have to get a different one? Is there a difference between the master cylinder for power brakes and the master cylinder for manual brakes?

The OEM drum brake master cylinders, that I have observed, all had what looked like dual, equal sized bowls for 1967 and later.

Manual master cylinders also have a pushrod (Link) that goes through the firewall and connects to the brake pedal arm inside.

You will need a master from an early 70’s manual disc Granada or Maverick. You will also want to use the stock pushrod from you manual master, the one than comes with the manual disc master is too long.

Ok. Thanks guys. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to buy another one.

Aren’t the brake pedal pivot points different between manual and power brakes?

They are different between manual and power brakes, each needs to be used on its specific application.

Just a comment.
There were 3 different braking systems found on a 1967 Mercury Cougar.
Power with front disc brakes. Used disc brake pedal and vacuum booster.
Power with 4 wheel drum brakes. Used disc brake pedal and vacuum booster.
Manual 4 wheel drum brakes. Used shorter drum brake pedal and no booster.