67 Sunroof Acquisition

Hey guys , Nick here from Canada ! Just got a rust free 67 from a good friend and it’s a sunroof car ! 289 4speed and I’m excited to bring her up to snuff by next year - intake and cam and maybe a Sniper setup to finish it off . Dream car for me !

Welcome to the group. Lots of Canadians here. Where are you located?

Welcome, a manual operated sun roof, I haven’t seen that before.

That is one rare Cougar!

Congratulations, great score.

Could you post a pic of the door tag? Would love to know more about how it is optioned.

Looks like a '68 front fender -

  • Phillip

Looks like a Golde manual sunroof. Probably installed by the American Sunroof Corporation at one of their shops.

Welcome! Would love to see some more pictures of the roof.

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Thanks for the welcome ! I will post the Marti on it and they are iNdeed 68 fenders , which I’m OK with at the end of the day . A good friend bought this out of Texas years ago to drop a big block in but decided against it after seeing the sunroof . It was stored the whole time and I bugged him for 3 years and he’s now retiring so he kindly offered it to me . Originally a 3 speed manual , now a 4 .

Looking to grab some as headers and a dual exhaust for it . Can I cross reference 67-70 Mustang for a good fit or is there a better model . Sold my 68 last year to a friend after 12 years of fun and it was amazing how much power that little 289 put down to the road aft a cam and some engine love !

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The engine compartment is virtually identical to a '67 Mustang so any headers for a Mustang fit perfectly. My personal favorite is the 1966 Shelby Mustang tri-Y header set sold by Tony Branda https://store.cobranda.com/triyheaders.html

Interesting dash emblem.

It was born a 1967 Standard Model Cougar, now it closely resembles a 1968 XR7.

Yes , it’s definitely not as it came from the assembly line. Someone at some points by decided to attempt an XR-7ism which I believe will give me some wiring challenges but it’s going to end up amazing after its completed. Thanks for the info and also the links for exhaust etc ! Appreciate it !