'67 vacuum system

Just bought a '67 Cougar 289 last month (for the wife!). I know I need to replace the brake booster, but that got me looking into the vacuum hoses and the problems other leaks could be causing. I have the shop manual, but I can’t find anywhere a description or schematic of all the vacuum hoses and what they may control. Could anyone point me in the right direction here, a link to something maybe? Thanks!

If the 67 is same as 68, I have the vacuum diagrams at home and I can email them to you…

That would be great, thank you.

whats an email address for you? I can scan them and email them tonight when im at home


The '67 headlight system vacuum schematic is totally different. The AC and tilt systems are the same as '68.

Here is the 67 Cougar headlight vacuum diagram.

Yep that diagram shows the pre - service bulletin '67 headlamp vacuum system. The cars that got the service bulletin have a single vacuum port on the reservoir and look like this:

I have a few if needed.

Headlight vacuum lines.

These are part of an NOS set that I put on my '67 Cougar as part of its restoration. Lines are color coded with stripes. I’ll include the splitters you see in the photos. I removed this set a year or two later when I switched over to the Probe headlight motors.
Extremely pliable, still has some of the original wax on the rubber.