67 XR-7 interior for sale

First off I wanted to say hello all! New to the forums (and first post). I bought a '67 XR-7 earlier this year and now that it is starting to get warm here in MI I am getting ready to work on it. My end goal is to make it a reliable daily driver and be able to drive it 3 seasons out of the year. Even though I can enjoy the classic look and style on the inside of most cars, I want it to be updated and a touch more modern. So I am wanting to sell the interior. Items need to be cleaned, but my list includes:

-Door panels
-Seats (both front buckets and back bench)
-Full dash (including gauges and dash pad)
-Center console
-Any other little items that people might be interested in

I don’t have a set price on any of it yet and really just want to get some money back to be able to buy new stuff for it faster. So offers are welcome. I am in Oakland County MI. I don’t have a convenient way to ship any of them so I would obviously like to be able to meet to sell them. If you are interested in any item(s) and want more pictures I can provide them, just let me know.

Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you are also new to the Cougar world. Thought I might pass along that before selling your interior pieces that you might want to secure replacements first. Things like door panels, console, dash, and seats are unique to a XR7 and a 67. Many items are not reproduced. Some soap and water with some elbow grease can do wonders especially for a goal of a driver quality car. Would suggest having your build dialed in before selling off many pieces from your car. Might be nice to have a few bucks now-but will cost way more to find decent replacements later. IMO clean your interior and evualate your driveline and bodywork needs to get your plan in place. Good luck and have fun.

That interior with some work would be quite classy and actually becomes more “modern” looking when it is new looking. You could update the front seats to something more comfortable “modern” (hanging on to the old in case you ever sell and someone wants to go back to original)
Likewise with the gauges. There are modern looking ones you could plug in there, again hanging on to the originals.
Your choice though :slight_smile:

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Mr 580 & pellets4fuel

Thank you for commenting back and I appreciate the opinions/comments. Like I said in my original post I want to make it a daily driver, the reason for selling the interior makes sense (to me at least for now) is for a few reasons: make the car lighter, make it more modern, gets me some money to put back into it right away. Another reason would be, even if I make the changes I want and save the stuff I would sell, then it would just be sitting in my garage for decades (I am 30 years old, never plan to sell the car). Since its a 60k mile car, and the stuff is in good shape, I would like to see it be used on someones car that is trying to restore one and needs the parts. That is why I am making the choice to sell. I know its probably a less popular opinion here, but it is what makes sense to me currently. Any/all feedback is welcome though :slight_smile:


I had a PM from another user, I dont see yours. But I can give you a call (tomorrow 5/3 most likely).

Just so it is not lost on you, what you are doing will devalue the car from about $5k to about $1000.


Yes I am aware that it will devalue it, but I never plan to sell it (so no loss to me). It has the original #'s matching drivetrain which I plan to keep in it (289-4 and 3 speed auto). I am also restoring a 1968 dodge charger so I know all about what changes the value unfortunately lol. I appreciate the input!

The XR-7 is what is valuable and that is the interior. It was a mid year option The born-with driveline is pretty close to worthless if the interior is gutted. Looking at the paint it appears to be Glacier Blue Poly. There were only 413 XR-7s made in that color combination. As an old guy that has made many mistakes, I can tell you if you do keep it for the next 50 years you will be asking your self what you were thinking… But its your car to do with as you please.


Oh, do you happen to have a link for production numbers where I can look up the options to see just how many were built with my configuration? You have me curious now. I knew the XR-7 was around 20% of the total vehicles for '67. You also might be swaying my opinion to keep the interior…

The book Cougar By The Numbers will give you the production numbers. For example there were 150,893 1967 Cougars produced. Of those 27,209 were XR-7s.

Randy Goodling
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If you don’t have one, get a Marti report for your car which will detail original specs and initial sale history. XR7’s were pretty unique. Not only is the XR7 dash different, the underdash harness and firewall to headlight wiring is different and 67 model specific. So without the dash then what do you do with the wiring-might as well sell that too rather than trying to hack it up to fit something else. What you do with car is your business. Just dig into the details and we’re saying it might make sense to keep the XR7 pieces and DNA for the car intact.

mr 580,

Yes after thinking about it more from your and xr7g428’s comments, I think saving the items is the right thing to do. I did know going in that the interior was the main difference from the XR-7 to base model (didn’t realize the wiring was different, thank you for letting me know that) but I guess I didn’t realize just how valuable those are to the car. Even though like I said I never plan to sell it, I think I will save the interior when I take it out.

Your car looks pretty intact on the interior. Few things missing but you have most of the pieces. Take your time removing them as some of the plastic in dash and console is fragile. My 68 XR7 had a fire in it’s early days and someone resurrected it by putting a standard dash/wiring along with a decor interior in it and a 69 351w. This winter I put the correct XR7 dash, wiring, and console pieces in it. A lot of labor and $$$. Looks good but knowing what I know now I don’t think I would do it a second time. I had my tach, rally clock and amp gauge modernized for reliability and it still has the XR7 look. Lots of things you can do to update the car and still keep the distinctive Cougar features.

I have to agree with keeping what you have. It appears to be in good shape and could be cleaned up and restored
Pretty easy. I think you would be satisfied with the XR7 interior once been redone. Also you can do some modernization of the dash to update the looks and not
Completely devalue the car

If the interior was completely toast or it was a non XR7 it would be a different opinion

I thoroughly enjoy my refreshed interior. Has class and as much appeal (IMO) as any modern car interior. Now imagine your XR7 interior all refreshed with the wood grain and all. Like suggested maybe add some different gauge faces, and led lighting in place of standard.
I think you would really enjoy getting behind the wheel for a drive! I’ll quit now :stuck_out_tongue: other than to say I really need to do something with the white shift knob :wink: