67 xr7 a code clean driver

Looking for a clean 1967 cougar a code manual, willing to travel, no projects, clean driver thanks so much , Chris

Good luck with the search. Perhaps you already know this but there were only 408 built. You might be well served to expand your search to include the three speed manual cars as there were an additional 1511 of those built, and it would be an easy upgrade.

I had no idea they were that rare. The car pictured in my signature is a 1967 XR-7 that was originally a three speed manual transmission. By the time I had owned it a month it was a four speed. My daily driver for 13 years and 300,000 miles. It was (maybe still is) a 289 A code.

Thank you, I appreciate that and yes certainly would be open to 3 or 4 speed manual. My father ordered one right after he got out of the service and when the family got bigger he had to let it go, but would be nice to see him driving around in one again while he can.