67 xr7 brake pedal Adjustment (power brakes)

My 67 power brakes work fine, except the pedal seems to go to close to the floor. Nothing appears to be wrong with the brakes. Can the pedal be adjusted to reduce the distance? Thanks.

If the master cylinder has ever been replaced, most likely, you still have air trapped inside. This will cause a soft pedal that goes to far down. The master should be bench bled to clear the trapped air. There is a video on this in the how to video thread, that will illustrate what I am talking about

There is an adjustment, for the pedal, but it must be set to factory spec or you will create a condition where the brakes are being applied at all times. The spec is shown in the factory manual.


Thanks for the information. I know the master cylinder was replaced before I bought the car in January. I will attempt to bench bleed it.

Thank you.


I wouldn’t pull it all the way off, I would just run the short bleeder hoses and then pump the pedal for about 20 minutes… cough, no fun, cough.