68-1/2 XR7-GT R-code project 8F93R

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68-1/2 XR7-GT R-code project for sale

Early car (April 22)

DSO 84 - Dealer 84230J
Lincoln Mercury Division General Office
3000 Schaefer Road, Dearborn

Order type - Product Planning/Styling Vehicle

According to reliable sources this is “the car” that was tuned and raced by Dyno Don Nicholson as documented in the August 1968 issue of Super Stock Magazine on pages 50, 51, and 72. Copies of this are attached.

Current condition:

  • The car was stripped out years ago, and left outside to rot, sitting on top of a Maverick.

  • The drivetrain is long gone - from the water pump to the rear shackles, and everything in between.

  • Rust in all sheet metal. No hood. No doors. Even the rust has rust.

  • Not sure why, but the tilt-away steering column is still there.

  • Shock tower support and competition suspension still in place from what I can see.

The car was recovered from a junk yard where it has been for well over 30 years. There is no title, but I’m going through that process.

If this was not the Dyno Don car, with all of the provenance that it brings, it would be stripped of what little remains.

I’m not sure how to price this, so will leave it at that. I looked through the rules and did not see any requirement regarding a stated price. If I missed something please let me know. I will update this ad if the car sells. If it does not, I’ll update it letting you know when it gets parted out.

If you are serious, go ahead and contact me via PM. Please note though - if you ask if the drivetrain or hood are available, or if the car is still available, etc; I will know you did not read this posting, and will not respond.

Located in the Detroit Michigan area

I would like to see this car saved but understand the costs involved.
SS Aug 1968.pdf (3.09 MB)

What a shame. I’m not sure ECI Bob could even save that.

Where is it located?

Yes what a shame! Not only the rust has rust, also the dents have dents… :wall:
Would anyone consider this former unicorn as a rebuildable base?

Southeast MI, Detroit metro area

Similar to the car talked about here from Florida a year or two a go.

PM sent. Thanks

Here’s what it looked like in the drag test article with Don:

In the photos you can see it still has some of the tilt - away components and it has the original Bendix master cylinder and Midland Ross booster.

I dunno,

i`d be crazy enough to save that. Not often you come across a rare piece of american musclecar history like this…


Do cars for sale here need to have a price to list ?

If I had a second garage space I would be sorely tempted to make serious inquiries into this car. What a cool car to save. And when it’s finished it wouldn’t be so precious and original that you’re scared to drive it.

I read the SuperStock article Royce posted. My question is what happened to the car after Dyno Don tested it at Milan Drag Strip in SE Michigan?

Who really ended up with the car? And what was done with it?

I don’t know if we will ever find out. I pulled it out of a junkyard in Michigan that is about a mile away from a dragstrip, but not the Milan dragway. From the looks of it, it had been sitting on top of a Maverick for a good 30 years.

I lived in Monroe, MI for a couple of years and remember Milan Drag Strip.

Glad this car survived. If it could only talk…

Cars used for press work generally ended up at employee auctions. Likely it was a Mercury / Ford guy’s daily driver. Michigan winters, salty roads, rapid rust.

Notice that the front fender apron VIN stamping is missing the engine code letter “R”. No letter code was stamped there. It (R) is stamped on the dash VIN plate, however.

Does this confirm that normal production protocol was the car’s engine code letter was the last item stamped? Or did this happen because this was a very early 428CJ car produced out of normal production?

Every 1968 1/2 Dearborn R code Cougar is exactly the same. If the R was present it would be very suspicious.

I am looking forward to seeing this car restored. I hope it finds a home with someone who will document the restoration and share the progress.


The Marti Report listing Order Type: PRODUCT PLANNING/STYLING VEHICLE is not listed on Kevin Marti’s website as one of the more common ones.

Did the Cougar find a new owner? I am tempted to put in an offer on the car if still for sale… thanks, Scott