68 302 power steering pump leak

My mechanic tells me that a slow leak of brown, oily fluid from the forward driver’s side of the engine is coming from the power steering pump and is probably related to the PS seals. Is my understanding correct that the FMC recommended fluid is for an automatic transmission and is red? The steering operates well so my thought is that the pump itself is OK. He’s recommending a full replacement rather than just the seals and he made no comment about the fluid itself. Any advice or other words of wisdom?


Type F transmission fluid is the correct fluid for our cats and is normally clear red in color, but it can appear brown or even black when old and burnt. What color is the fluid on the dip stick? If it’s real dark (i.e., cant see the silver dip stick through it) then it’s either extremely old or something mechanical in the pump is wearing out and causing overheating.

Thanks Yorgle. I’ll check when I pick the car up later today but I’ve parked the car over a mat to catch the leaks (it also had a radiator problem) and it’s always been a brown color like oil when I wipe it up.

Update - there is also an oil leak from an oil pan plug so it’s both of them on the mat. Will still check the fluid when it’s back.